Better Careers, Better Lives

The Impact of Early Career Exploration with Julie Lammers

Episode Summary

In this episode of Better Careers, Better Lives, we are honored to be joined by Julie Lammers, Senior Vice President of Policy & Advocacy at American Student Assistance (ASA). Julie details how through ASA's mission to pave "a path for every student," they enable 6-12th grade students to explore their post-secondary education years before high school graduation. Julie details that ASA's strategy begins with career exploration in middle school and aligns students' passions with possible career paths. Post-middle school, the non-profit pairs students' passions with work-based learning such as apprenticeships or on-the-job training to get a feel for their future career path. While a four-year college degree may be for some, ASA is broadening the meaning of "post-secondary education," which focuses on furthering all students' education, whether in a trades school, apprenticeship program, or university.